Company Registration

Register your company online and offline

Get an official company and make sure you have everything you need

We can register your company with CIPC, as well as Tax registrations with SARS. We can even make sure you register for PAYE! We throw in a free domain and also include Share Certificates, Tax Clearance Pins & also offer BBBEE affidavits for EME’s. Everything you need to get started!

  • BBBEE for EME only – EME = Exempted Micro Enterprises (Companies with a turnover of less than R10 Million per annum).
  • Free “” domain registration included when signing up with any of our monthly hosting or website management packages.
  • 4 Name options are required for registration. CIPC may reject a name for various reasons, 4 names gives you a better chance to avoid name rejection. Additional charges may apply for resubmissions.


  • Have 4 Company name preferences for name reservation ready.
  • Certified Copies of ID for each company director.

Company Registration Process

Order Company Registration


Upon order for a new company registration, you fill in a form and upload all director ID’s

Submit Company Registration Form


We verify your documentation and submit to CIPC

Company Name Reservation


CIPC verifies the company name and reserves the name if it isn’t rejected

Confirm Company Registration Details


CIPC returns a document with all the information. You must then confirm that all the details have been recorded correctly before the registration can take place

Domain & Company Registration


Once all the details have been confirmed we register your domain and await CIPC registration as well as SARS tax registration (which may take between 2 and 7 working days)

Why register a company
Limit shareholder liability

With a registered business you can keep your personal and business separate. Business finances – and risks – does not carry a risk to your personal finances.

Easier to raise capital

A formal company is far more likely to attract investors.

Increase Credibility

People, whether investor or customer, are more likely to trust a formal company who can be held responsible.

What is a registered company?
A registered company is a separate legal entity and has to register as a taxpayer in its own right.
Where do you register the company?
A company is registered with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). All official companies in South Africa are registered with CIPC.