About Us

Company History

In 2014 two friends decided to create a company called “Exozia Online”. We offered hosting, website design and DSL services, but our main focus was offering affordable internet to gated communities. Our goal was to provide not only a vital necessity to businesses and home users but also a personal service with the aim of knowing each customer and adapting to their individual requirements.
The world advanced with the rollout of fibre and we decided to move our focus away from internet supply and towards on our true passion – web design and management. Our goal remained the same: to provide an affordable and personal service to our customers. Here, customers aren’t just another number, they are individuals who have their own needs and requirements and we aim to provide solutions that suit those needs!
In 2020 the company underwent another big change – Exozia underwent a rebranding and became Webcore Online Solutions. The company has almost completely moved away from ISP services to focus entirely on hosted solutions:

  • Domain & Website Hosting
  • Website Design & Management
  • Hosted Exchange & Office 365 Business Solutions
  • Company Registrations

In the near future we will also introduce services such as digital and social media marketing as well as other hosted services like G Suite

About Me

People sometimes ask what the most difficult part of building a website is… It’s this part, telling the world about yourself. Some people have a gift and excel at this part, but for myself, this is where it gets… weird. The custom PHP, Javascript, and CSS is nothing compared to this…

So who am I? My name is Ruan and I’m the managing director and main web developer for Webcore. My studies focused on IT Networking but also covered programming and web development. Probably due to peer pressure, I decided to specialize in Networking, even though my passion is in development.

I spent the next 13 years working mostly in Networking related jobs, using my spare time to work on websites and other development and coding hobby projects. The majority of that time was spent in the hospitality field, building hotel guest networks and designing the servers and portal pages that guests see when they try to access the internet over the Wi-Fi. 

I’ve personally done work in almost every Radisson, Park Inn, Hyatt and Hilton hotel, as well as some of the Marriott hotels, in the Sub-Saharan region, as well as a plethora of independent hotels. At the same time I was involved behind the scenes with Exozia and only took over the reins completely in 2020. During my time in the 5-star hospitality industry, two things become extremely important to me and I have endeavored to integrate them into the very nature of Webcore’s services:

The first is high-end security. More importantly than giving clients internet and network access, is ensuring that they are safe while they conduct their business. For this reason, I have implemented advanced security measures on all our hosting platforms and maintain premium firewall security on all our website management packages.

The second is close relationships with clients. With all the competition in the market, there soon won’t be a place for service providers that know their customers only as a client code. The future is about personal relationships between a service provider and their client. At the core of this is understanding a client’s needs and meeting them in a way that assists them in conducting their business effectively. That is why, at Webcore, we strive to not only meet the needs of our clients, but to know our clients and to promote them!

Well, that’s me at my core.